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How can Martini encourage social interaction during covid?


In times of social distancing and insolation, people hardly see any new faces and everyone misses getting to know new people.

Before covid you could really easily approach a new people while enjoying your drink, the result could be a friendship, a good time or a new love. We want to bring that experience back to those who ask for a Martini in their nights out.

How? the answer is simple, when someone
ask for a Martini it will come with two coasters. One will have the details of a stranger and a way to contact them. The other one will be white, ready to be fill with personal info and later on be given to someone else.


Martini introduces you to someone new:

  1. Ask for Martini.

  2. You'll get two coasters, write about youself in the empty one.

  3. Check out the other one, and meet someone new.

  4. Get in contact and enjoy your drink.

#Fate Martini

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